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Lewis Rock – Programmer/ Designer

About Me

“Hello there, Lewis here.

I’m a 22 year old Web Programmer, Designer and Developer from Leeds-UK.

Welcome to my personal website to showcase my work skills and general life. I am a Web Technologies Bsc Hons Undergraduate studying in Huddersfield. Throughout my time I have worked on web design & development projects as well as working as a freelancer on a number of projects.”

Lewis- The Designer

Although I am a Web Technologies student, I stress to say that I also love designing. I would class myself as a fully capable web designer. Even in the early years before University, I would mess around with drawings and technical designs in the Adobe Creative Suite. Coming to university will just help fine-tune my current skill set.

Lewis- The Programmer

Quite similarly to being a designer, I would also say I have a strong passion for coding and creating web based products. I am starting to gain strength in using text based editors to create and perfect well- written masterpieces.

How I Work

Below are the four main ways in which I work. If I don’t approach every project with each goal, greatness can not be achieved.


I like to be resourceful and invent new ways in which I can complete projects. Whether I approach my work with an Agile method of working or a Waterfall based plan, I use intelligent ways to reach the desired goal.


My goal is to not just to provide a simple solution, but to provide a product that really reflects a business. I constantly look at new ways into which web orientated products can be completed.


As I am not only a programmer but a designer too, design plays a huge part in the creation of a masterpiece. I always research into colour schemes and ways in which design could reflect the the company.


I always like to take risks. Unless I think outside the box, there’s really nothing stopping two projects from being similar. I always look for new ways into which the next project could excel from previous ones.

Where It All Began…

I loved technology! I would always play on computers and have a mess around in my free time. Through my young ages, I can only explain it as….something just clicked. I found it weird, yet exciting how the web could show virtual images and a method of searching. I constantly found myself looking at the code and seeing how it all fit together. Through High School, I decided to make IT my passion. We were set constant web design assignments and I would spend all day, all night working on them.

When it came to A-Levels, I took IT further and also studied Product Design. I had the honour of creating an ecommerce website. My teacher was quite old fashioned yet wanted the complete best for me so we created the eStore from just PHP code, a MySQL database and a while loop!. It was there where I made the decision I wanted to take web technologies further.

I am now a Web Technologies Bsc (Hons) Student at The University of Huddersfield and I couldn’t be happier.


Some of my recent projects

My Work

Some Recent Projects

Please have a look at some of the projects I have undertaken or participated in.

My Individual Process

To Make My Customers Happy…

To manage perfection, I follow my own process.


Research is incredibly important as it allows me to gain and develop an understanding of exactly what business i’m about to venture into. It also helps me to make decisions based on the target market.


Once research has taken place, I can then draw together a concept…. Exactly what needs to be created and how I will go about creating it. I will design all necessary components and organise my work for completion.


Once my concept is created, it is here, where I will create the project. Be it a website, a logo, or a graphical artifact, It is here where I create the product.


Testing is one of the most important stages to undertake. Because I strive for perfection, there is no room for error. It is here where I would bug fix and look on further ways to improve or innovate the product.

My Numbers

Some of The Cool Facts About Me


My Skills

My Main Skills

Some of the languages and packages I’m comfortable with.



Keep In Touch

Tel.: 07463977591

Belmont Street Huddersfield